Yes, I realize I have been a bit quiet…

This last week or 2 have been a tad busy for me. Council meetings, plans for the school my son attends, and among other things getting things done that I absolutely have to get done.

Today was Shrove Tuesday or known by “Fat Tuesday”, and since my son attends a Catholic School, we on the parent council cooked pancakes for all of the children today. There was approximately 400 children in the school today and over a period of 3-4 hours, we made about 800+ pancakes for the entire school. What a job!

One day on the weekend, I was complaining to a long time dear friend of mine that lives in British Columbia about the fact that in the area I live in there really isn’t any great independent bookstores other then”Coles” or “Chapters” that even carry the book I wanted to buy. And, her being the empowering person that she is, I mentioned that I should open a bookstore (as a joke), has now been rolled into that I am actually looking into what opening a business would involve. So now, I am thinking about what I would want to get out of a independent bookstore – customer service, friendly service, you know the usual kind of stuff.

I finished The Italian Lover last night in the midst of trying to get some sleep for an early morning wake up call via my alarm clock, and since I am lacking a bit of sleep, and relaxing, I will honestly try and get it blogged tomorrow or the next day. I realize that I have been going gangbusters on the book front lately, with every few days a new one, I started Little Giant of Aberdeen County today getting the prologue out of the way, so maybe if I have a few minutes between doing the running around I have to get done tomorrow I will try to get a few sentences in.


2 thoughts on “Yes, I realize I have been a bit quiet…

  1. Good luck with your endeavour. How exciting! Isn’t that going to cut down on your reading time, though? 😉

    I can’t wait to read “The Italian Lover”. I hope to start it soon after it arrives (*keeping an eye on the mailbox*). I look forward to reading your review.

  2. It is quite a fascinating book for sure!

    I am just looking into it for now, if it happens or not is up to the gods lol The ideas I have will make it one of the better places to chill and relax and buy a book. For all of the ideas I have, It might have to be a BIG building LOL Must get onto the business plan as well.

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