The Italian Lover – Robert Hellenga

At first, when I requested this book and subsequently hosted the book giveaway for the Hachette Book Group, I was intrigued as to what this book was all about. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Margot Harrington whose book “The Sixteen Pleasures” has been optioned many times for a movie, but hasn’t yet made it to the screen is living in Italy and making a living as a book conservator – preserving old copies of books so that they don’t get further damaged.

A movie producer from Hollywood finally has made the leap and as optioned her movie and is in Italy along with old friends in the movie industry scouting locations and living in an old decommissioned convent while plans are made and living the life that is so relaxed that the people in Europe do. Eating in the Piazzas, drinking plenty of wine, and their breaths taken away with the rich architecture and culture of Italy.

In this modern day tale of love, movie making, and life, the author takes you on a breathtaking tour of the country and its historical art and makes it real for modern times, making it one (at least I think so) a modern yet historical day novel. The artists, the architecture, the lives of the characters and the story itself flow at a pace that will have you not wanting to put down this novel until it is finished.


Little, Brown and Company Book Group


2 thoughts on “The Italian Lover – Robert Hellenga

  1. I’ve yet to receive my copy of this one, but definitely looking forward to reading it! Even more so now that I’ve read your review. Who couldn’t use a little dose of culture??

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