The Little Giant of Aberdeen County – Tiffany Baker

Truly Plaice was as large as life and then some even before she was born. Her parents live in a small town and everyone was betting on the weight of her at birth. During the birth, Truly’s mother died and with her father (and everyone else) thinking it was a boy and turning out to be a girl, were disappointed. Once Truly was born her mother died from the childbirth, and her father had not only Truly to care for but her older sister.

Serena Jane her older sister was the exact opposite of Truly from the beginning. Petite, always clean and dressed in dresses and ribbons, and quiet. Truly was the one that fell on stairs, had food on her clothes and didn’t really care what she was dressed in, but never really liked dresses or ribbons in her hair, and really unruly, all the while she just kept growing and growing to epic proportions.

Growing up they were separated after their father died from alcoholism, Serena with the Pastor and his wife who had primped and raised her to be at least in her eyes a movie star. Truly on the other hand was raised by a family that was the exact opposite – on a dirt poor farm on the edge of town on a road that only went one way.

Given their differences, they attended the one room school run by a strict teacher. Truly not having many friends and Serena Jane having the best ones lived their lives as best they could. After graduation and the annual county fair, Serena finds she is pregnant with one of the town’s most popular boys and moves away with him so he can attend medical school and live on with the distinction of being the 5th generation of being a doctor in the small town, and the rumor that back in the day, his great great great grandfather was married to a witch.

Truly went on with life in a small town, and after her sister and brother in law returned with her nephew, Serena left everything behind. That left Truly to take care of not only her nephew but her brother in law, and trouble ensues.

This was a fabulous book that detailed a person who had overcome her disabilities and comes into herself. Among many other things such as the Vietnam War, discrimination because of her size, and knowing the difference right and wrong. I absolutely loved this story, and if you need or want a relaxing read, then this book is for you.


Hachette Book Group

Chapters Indigo

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