Saturday Catch Up

Now that I am all caught up on blog reviews, and happenstances from the past week, Here I am updating you on what’s to come here on the blog.

1. I have been asked to review AFRAID by Miriam at Hachette. Then today, I received a email from the author, J.A. Konrath who also writes under the name Jack Kilborn for the same book. Funny how things like that happen isn’t it?.

2. I will be interviewing the author as well and posting it on the blog, so if you have any burning questions, forward them to me via the email me link on the profile.

3. From earlier this week, I mentioned that I will be possibly opening my own independent bookstore. Right now, I am gathering information, and slowly in between reading at a breakneck pace, getting a business plan in the works.

4. I have quit smoking! It is day 2 that I have been on the patch, and so far so good. I have the gum as well, but it gives me the most irritating taste and feel in my mouth…YUCK!! Yesterday was an ok day, except for the fact of the wanting to grab one when I sat down, and when I got on the computer. Today, it has been more of the patch aching when it releases a dose.

5. The fundraiser is a go! I have had 4 Publishers / People in the publishing industry make a donation – Super Props to HarperCollins Canada, Raincoast Books, DK Publishing, and Julie Wilson @ Seen Reading. I hope to have a few more, but this is a REALLY great start for a really worthwhile cause. The raffle for the books will be during Education Week May 4th – 8th, 2009. You have all done me so proud!!!

6. I will be hosting more giveaways on the blog, as them come to my attention, so don’t fret! I will be giving out more free books since it has been such a fun thing to do.

That’s all for now, Hope you are all well, content and reading !



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