Kill For Me – Karen Rose

Six teenage girls have been abducted and attacked. Thirteen years previously, 5 were raped and attacked, most of them had died. The police and authorities thought they had all of the ringleaders, but after the recent happenings, they have to go back and rethink their previous investigation.

Susannah, is back in her home town. She doesn’t really want to be there, she wants to be back in New York working as a DA, living her life as she wants it. Not on any one’s terms, except her own. She stands beside her brother as her parents are buried.

Then, something happens – the police get a tip about where the recently attacked girls are. As the police and authorities arrive, it is a bloodbath. 5 of the 6 girls are dead, emaciated, abused, beaten beyond belief. The one that has survived, and before being rushed to the hospital, she tells Luke the Detective assigned to the case that she knows who some of the people are, and can identify them. Then once again, all hell breaks loose. Guns blazing, police and suspects killed, Susannah is in the middle of a horrific scene once again thinking it was all over and she could get on with her life, but this is just the start.

Utterly complex storyline, it goes deep and doesn’t surface for a long long time. You have to keep track so closely, because things that you wouldn’t expect happen, happen. Karen Rose takes you slowly but forcefully through her story at a pace that doesn’t let you put it down for a second, because you really want to know what happens around the corner in the next minute, hour, and days to come.

Hachette Book Group

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