My Little Red Book – Rachel Kauder Nalebuff

My Little Red Book is what is going to change perceptions about periods that the vagina monologues did to open the doors to talking about topics that also included menstruation, violence, and a multitude of other topics that are prevalent in women’s issues today, that were once taboo to talk about. And to celebrate our differences.

I first started the book thinking about what people would think about it – would they think it was done in one way and take it another? But, as I read the stories about all of the different cultural occurrences concerning one’s becoming a woman is that we all need to celebrate our differences and yet our sameness. We can now have children, we are considered “women”, we are looked at differently from the male perspective. It does indeed change from being “Daddy’s little girl”, and “The Tomboy”.

After reading about half of the book, and thoroughly enjoying the stories, you have to realize that these women gathered real courage to come forth to tell their own individual stories. Kudos to all of you!. I can myself remember my own, and the humiliation, and then later on the relief that came after getting it.

I think and this is my own opinion, is that every girl that is about to “receive” their period, no matter how young or old they are should receive a copy of this book, or at least be able to access it and learn about all of the differences that we all have – albeit, about the same thing.

When you purchase this book, all of the proceeds go to different charities and health causes for girls.

You can WIN a copy of this book – Go HERE to win one of 5 copies!!

My Little Red Book Website

Hachette Book Group

Twelve Publishers

Buy the Book on Amazon


3 thoughts on “My Little Red Book – Rachel Kauder Nalebuff

  1. As a mom, I thank you for this excellent suggestion! I wish my mom was a little more “informative”…everything I knew came from Cosmo magazine )BAD idea!)

  2. Oh, you are so welcome, I was lucky enough to be able to get a copy! I wish and probably so many do that this book was around when we were all becoming “Women”.

    This topic shouldn’t be left in the dark ages as so many have said, it needs to be brought out into the open, where some are embarassed about something that is natural and we have no control over it

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