Saturday…wait..Sunday Catch Up

Well, what a fast few days it has been.

1. I reviewed “My Little Red Book” and sent a link off on twitter yesterday after writing it to someone who is well known around the world and “WHAM” 750 hits to that page in a matter of 30 minutes. I didn’t get much reading done yesterday, was busy discussing the merits of the book. Then at midnight when I finally looked at the stats page of that one page – OVER 2000 hits and people keep coming to see about the book. YAY!

2. Earlier this week, I had the immense pleasure to interview JA Konrath aka Jack Kilborn who has done the Lt. Jack Daniels series of books and is starting a new book which is due to be released in April called AFRAID. The review AND the interview will be posted on March 22, 2009. So, if you are a fan, then I suggest that you mark it on your calendar. All I can say is wow!.

3. I can feel the starting of Spring, can you ?? The air smells so fresh and new, I can see the buds on the trees spurning new life. The grass is green and birds are singing. I get a bit excited this time of year, after a long and very snowy winter I am ready to celebrate the beginning of a new and vibrant season.

That is it for now, I think. I hope that I haven’t forgotten anything. If I have then I will have to try and remember it for next time.

Hope you are all well !!

I am off to read


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