Follow Me – Joanna Scott

Follow Me is about Sally Werner. She is 16 and living with her family in Pennsylvania. At one of the family summer picnic’s, she meets one of her male cousins, who invites her to take a ride on his motorcycle. On the ride, she is blissfully happy feeling the wind in her hair, and enjoying the scenery. Once they stop, and take a walk along a trail alongside of the road, one thing leads to another before she actually realizes what happens, shortly there after Sally discovers she is pregnant.

She tells her family, to which they all blame her and call her vicious names. Once the baby is born, she realizes this isn’t what she wants and runs away from home. No money, no food, not knowing where or what she is going to do, she just walks, sleeps in the wilderness until she comes across two men in a field where she has been hiding. She ends up fainting from lack of hunger and wakes up in a strange place. The men had taken her to a house to get help. Disorientated, and confused at first, she is allowed to stay and get her bearings.

Now, at this point in the book, going from town to town, Sally leaves for one reason or another. She runs from situations where she is accused, or belittled or even identified since she changes her name because she doesn’t want to be remembered for what happened and what she did. As her granddaughter recounts the story to the best of her ability, she comes to understand her grandmother in a new light among things she had never known or heard before.

Joanna Scott is so fluid, full of prose, and lyrical in her writing, there isn’t one moment where you don’t feel anything. So descriptive, there were a few moments where I had to put the book down to regain my thoughts and feelings.

As I read the novel, It was heart wrenching to read what Sally had gone through almost by herself. It is a must read for anyone that has or wants to read a powerful, stunning account of ones life, and all the twists and turns that life can take and the courage it takes to overcome them.


Chapters Indigo



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