Circle of Friends : Sarah – L. Diane Wolfe

When I was asked to read and review this book I was looking forward to another great book. Well, I was a bit disappointed with this book in a series. The author is known as “spunk on a stick”.

Sarah is in College and is rooming with one of her friends from back home. Another male friend Matt who is on the football team, comes over often to have Heather help him with his homework.

On night however, Sarah and Matt get together after leaving a party and Matt walks her back to the dorm, and then spend the night together watching movies, playing video games and talking and not realizing that they had so much in common. The Romance begins.

As the story progresses, they become closer and closer together nearly inseparable, and have a hard time staying away from one another.

Like I had stated before, it had a really good storyline, but as for the size of it (360 pages – not to mention a font size of about 8 or 9) with all of the friends and family involved along with all of the family values. I was hoping it would have ended or been more condensed so that you could get a feel for the story, it is so drawn out that 3/4 of the way I thought when it was going to end.

This is book 2 in a series of 5, with the average page count of anywhere from 300 – 400 pages. There are many common and real issues in the novels, which I thought was excellent, but for me it was just too long.

L. Diane Wolfe’s Web Page




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