Question : What Are You Presently Reading?

This discussion has been happening more and more the more people I talk to whether it is on Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere else lately. And with the economy going down the tubes, people are scaling back on going out and spending more time at home.

So, My question(s) to you is, and feel free to leave comments below!

1. What are you presently reading?

2. How far are you into it

3. Did you buy it, or did you get it from the library?

4. What drew you to that particular book, was it from a recommendation, did you read a review, what about it grabbed your attention – the cover, the description, review…

5. Are you enjoying the book, what is it about the writer that you find engaging

So this is your mission, if you choose to accept it. Post, Share, and Learn about new books that you never knew you would discover! The limits are endless.

Get Posting!!


2 thoughts on “Question : What Are You Presently Reading?

  1. i am reading no angel by jay dobyns . he is an atf special agent. went undercover into the world of the hells angels motorcycl club. I bought it and am about half way through it. I had seen a small doc about it and have wanted to get it for some time . This book is a page turner it starts off fast and just keeps building from there. He tells it like it was for him in all matters of speaking. it is fasinating the things he has to do. thin line he has to walk to live in 2 diffrent worlds his and the hells angels.

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