The House on Fortune Street – Margot Livesey

Margot Livesey knows how to plot a book.

In the beginning, Abigail, is living with her boyfriend Sean in her house. Downstairs in the bottom flat lives her best friend since college Dara. At first, things are normal in the house. Abigail is a fledgling artist, her boyfriend Sean is contemplating stopping his PhD dissertation and paper,he’s also co writing books with a partner, their current project – A book on Euthanasia, which isn’t sounding all that great to Sean, but it is money, and right now his bank account needs infusion.

As things progress, the stories get more complicated and intertwined in means of having the same things happen to the people with different results. Then come along Dara’s father, Abigail’s father, Dara’s Step Father, and load of other colourful characters that will have you wondering.

As the apparent part of the book presents itself – Do the same things that people experience turn you to how you treat people in your life – Dara is the one that goes in all the way, and Abigail is the one that has everyone at a arms reach. Is there a “safe” way to go about relationships?? And if there is, then what is it?

As the story comes to a close, all of the characters have the same or similar occurrences that happen separately in their lives. All together they all have different way and means of dealing with the circumstances as they happen – Some pull back, Some get hurt, Some slough it off and get on with life, And some just do something different.

Do we dare risk our hearts and soul or do we look at a distance and just say nothing. All of these things we all think about in our day to day lives, wondering if we are doing the “right” thing, and then when we haven’t do we regret what we have done, or just let it go by without so much as another thought?. There are so many questions that we can all add to this discussion, that isn’t there, just as there isn’t a “book” that comes with life.

I’ll let you decide for yourself.


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