Boneman’s Daughters – Ted Dekker

What is it that you would most dear to your heart? Your family, friends, all of the above, or more?.

Well in Ted Dekker’s latest, it is family….But what kind of price would you pay?.

Ryan is an intelligence Officer in the Military. He sits behind a desk and sorts through all of the intelligence that other teams go out and gather.

One day, while serving in the Middle East, he has to go out into the field, and assess an area that has been found. What comes next, is bone chilling, heart pounding, and even then, something else happens.

After his ordeal and being on extended leave, all he can think of is his wife and daughter at home. Although, when he arrives, it is a totally different situation. His wife doesn’t want him, his daughter hates him, and better still his wife is in love with the District Attorney, and wants a divorce.

Rikki, is an FBI agent, and is scouring a past case file that put a man in jail that is nicknamed “The Boneman”, who has just been granted a hearing that may just set him free. She is determined not to let that happen…but in reality, it does and the Boneman is let loose. But is it the man that has been behind bars for the last two years?

It was a really good fast read, and I thought it could even be one story that could be on TV or the movies to be honest. It had that fast paced appeal and lots of action and situations that needed to be overcome in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend this book if you are an “action”, “crime”, “horror” kind of person. It is definitely worth a read, and then maybe again for old times sake.

Boneman’s Daughters isn’t available until April 14th, so hang on it will be in stores soon!


Hachette ( you can go to this page and get icons and wallpapers for your PC)


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