Interview with Jack Kilborn aka JA Konrath

I really wasn’t sure what to expect when asking questions to Jack Kilborn, I knew he had this dark side to him, but did you know he is quite funny as well?

Without further ado, I give you the answers to the questions I got to ask him recently….

A big THANK YOU again to Joe who graciously took time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions.

M.C. – What made you start writing? Was there a certain reason why, or did

you just start doing it because you wanted to do it.

J.K. – I really believe some people are born with the storytelling gene, something that goes back out our ancient ancestors, telling tales of mammoth hunts and saber-tooth tigers around the campfire. When I was younger, I realized I could make people laugh, cringe, and even cry with my words. I never dreamed I’d be able to make a living at it. That’s why I feel I’m the luckiest guy on the planet. Except for that guy in Georgia who won the lottery three times. Don’t you think he should give someone else a chance? I mean, stop buying tickets, buddy. Everyone is starting to hate you.

M.C. – What were other jobs that you had while perfecting your writing?

J.K. – I did a little bit of everything. Factory work. Retail. Construction, Bartending. Photography. Video production. Brewing beer. Bookselling. Waiting tables. Improv comedy. I even wrote instruction manuals for VCRs. Not much of a demand for that any more. I don’t think my son even knows what a VCR is. Brewing beer was the best of those jobs, because we constantly had to test it for quality, as many as seven times a day, when no one was looking.

M.C. – In the Lt. Jack Daniels Mysteries, you combine humour and really horrifying criminals in those novels, In AFRAID, it is straight horror. What made you try another type of genre?

J.K. – I love being scared, as long as it’s by a book or a movie and not by someone chasing me through the woods with a hatchet. I wanted to try to sustain a feeling of fear for an entire narrative. That meant cutting the funny business, and focusing on being frightening. For years I had this idea that refused to go away. The military trains soldiers to kill. What if they trained killers to be soldiers? Wouldn’t that be scary? Especially if they were accidentally let loose in a helpless little town? I thought that was much scarier than my other idea that won’t go away, about a serial killer with no arms or legs who rolls after people while holding a knife in his teeth. I still may write that one, but I’ll have to set it someplace without any stairs, or high furniture.

M.C. – What is next for J. A Konrath / Jack Kilborn in terms for new books ?
J.K. – JA’s sixth Jack Daniels thriller, CHERRY BOMB, hits the shelves on July 7th. Kilborn is working on TRAPPED, another horror novel.

M.C. – What is it that you want to get out of the writing that you do in respect from readers?

J.K. – I consider myself an entertainer. I want my readers to be entertained. If they aren’t, I it is my responsibility to track down each of those readers and try to entertain them in person. Perhaps by doing a sock puppet show.

M.C. What is it that you want to give readers?

J.K. – Winning lottery tickets. But that Georgia guy is hoarding them all. Be honest. You hate him too.

M.C. – If something ever happened that wouldn’t let you continue as a writer, what is the 2nd occupation that you would like to do?

J.K. – I’d like to be one of those elves that lives in a tree and makes cookies. I bet those guys really score with the chicks. Thanks for having me, Marci. But next time I get to ask the questions….

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4 thoughts on “Interview with Jack Kilborn aka JA Konrath

  1. Thank you for allowing me to talk to you and allow me to read AFRAID. Looking forward to all of your future books as well.

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