Admission – Jean Hanff Korelitz

Admission is one of those books that really make you think about how hard it is to get into an Ivy League college. Portia is one of Princeton University’s Admission Officers. She goes around the area she is assigned, to garner interest in the university. She’s good at it too. She’s been doing it for 16 years.

It isn’t easy to get into Princeton either. Between the application, the essay’s and the recommendations, it’s a daunting process. Then there is the wait to see if you have been accepted.

Portia doesn’t know it yet, but one interaction at one school is going to shake her life to the core, which, makes her personal life to take a turn. All in the middle of reading week. Where all of the officers and staff go through applications and decide who gets to go to Princeton and who doesn’t. Then there is her mother, who at 68, is taking in a young girl who is pregnant, and wants to care for the baby when it is born. Portia and her mother haven’t really seen eye to eye on things, her mother the hippie, and Portia, the conservative professional.

For me, it was a very interesting look inside a Ivy League school and how hard it actually is to get in. The background story with Portia’s personal life I felt took a backseat to the actual admissions process throughout the book. Quite frankly, the personal angel should have been explored more to make a more rounded story. At the end I was feeling, what happens next, does she finally come to terms with some or all of the issues in the book???

It did give a good examination on being admitted to certain aspects of life and admitting things that have happened in life. Like who would you admit something that you have hidden? Who would you trust?? Interesting…


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