Can You Keep A Secret? – Sophie Kinsella

I had received this mass market paperback through a giveaway on Chatelaines Web Site, and I have to admit it has been sitting on my bookcase for a while.

So, in between setting up the poll on my blog as to what to read next, and getting books that absolutely needed to be read for either a deadline and or a book blog tour with an author, I decided it was time to take it off the shelf of my ever expanding book collection that seems to be growing by the day, and the decreasing space on my shelves that I just bought a few months ago.

Emma is one of those girls that doesn’t really invest a whole lot of time in her job, but wants maximum results. She works at a company that makes among other things sports drinks and is currently in Scotland at another company subbing for someone else that “does meetings”. She is an assistant, and she has absolutely no clue what she is talking about, but tries to make it sound like she does. While in the middle of this so called meeting, she spills the sport drink all over the man she is having the meeting with. All the while she tells herself that if she pulls through this meeting, she will be promoted.

While on the plane back to England, (did I mention she HATES flying?), and in the middle of a really bad flight with all that nasty turbulence and being bumped to business class, she starts uncontrollably talking about all of the secrets that she has even been told, or knew about anyone in her family or about her boyfriend to a seemingly innocent man who looks to be on business.
Once she gets back on the ground and kisses it and vows never to leave it again and her life seemingly gets back to normal with her boyfriend. The bomb is dropped, he asks her to move in with him and she accepts. The Problem is that she regrets it as soon as she accepts. Then upon returning to work, she finds out that the man she spilt all of her deepest, darkest secrets to, is actually the partner of the company that she works for..gulp.

In this hilarious tale of being able and the spillage of secrets, you have this sense of totally knowing what the author is talking about. The real life occurrences in the novel and the feelings behind it are all too real for the reader. I sat laughing out loud and nodding my head in agreement as the story progressed. And once the revenge is revealed in the plot, you can’t help but think, is this really worth it in the end?. As she comes to her senses, it is apparent that some things and secrets are better left kept secret.

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