The Makedown – Gitty Daneshvari

Anna Norton growing up is nothing of what she was like now. She was a junk food aficionado, ate everything that had empty calories, low self esteem, and one REALLY bad case of acne. When in school she was called “Weird Fat Bear”, among many other names. She had even started a journal and when she wrote in it, she addressed it as “Dear Fatty”. One thing though, she always ignored the taunting when it was happening, and went into her studies. She was the smartest person in her school.

Once she graduated high school, she went to Penn and studied Molecular Biology. And being her fat self, and being ridiculed all over again, and having her first boyfriend at the age of 22, she felt that she was finally on the way to adulthood, or at least she thought. Upon graduating, she got a job and was living the life of a single person in Ohio. Then her father left her mother and brother ( who was always masturbating in his room) for his secretary, which pun her mother further out of control.

Anna felt that she needed to move away, and so she did to New York to Manhattan of all places. To a place that where image and how you look is everything. She was at an interview for a wall street financial firm when she found out the hard way that looks ARE everything. Disgusted with herself and how she looks, blubbering, crying, and walking into an employment agency, this was the moment that her life would change forever.

She ends up getting a job working for a caterer, who used to be a FF. What is a FF?? It’s short form for “Former Fatty”, and Anna thinks that her new boss Janice is her Fairy Godmother. So, unknown to her, Janice is on a mission to make her thin, eat healthy, and lose some of that weight. And she does, although, the emotional issues haven’t really gone away. She looses 70 pounds and her acne thanks to a dermatologist and medication is gone.

She meets Ben, who is the most handsome man she has ever met in her life. He comes from a wealthy family and all of a sudden at his parents event, Anna is taken over by her emotions once again and cries. Which Ben and his mother notices. Then all at once Ben starts to call her and they go out for dinner. All the while that nasty self doubt creeps in and Anna thinks that Ben is doing it out of pity, but he genuinely likes her and asks her to be her girlfriend.

This isn’t the problem though. Anna still has that self doubt about why Ben would want to be with her, and with the looks he gets while she is out with him, causes what she calls “The Makedown”.

In this time of celebrities and weight issues such as bulimia, and purging, and all other disorders, and the psychological aspects that women face in everyday life it isn’t hard to imagine that she would go so far as to make her do what she does. She wants to make her boyfriend feel like she feels – inadequate, alone, shameful, and depressed. Although, he does think the world of her and does love her, he doesn’t quite understand how she feels, even though, it is nonsense.

Everyone at one time or another has these feelings whether you are skinny or fat, pretty or not, depending on the situation. Even though we don’t sometimes show it or talk about it, I think we all at one time or another feel it, and then wonder why, or who makes us feel like that, or why we would even think about it in the first place.

Life doesn’t come with a handbook, that is for sure. At first, I thought this book wasn’t going to be good, but if you look at the overlying issues that plague us on a day to day basis, and trying to understand the psychology of it, it IS a good book.



Chapters Indigo


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