Life Sentences – Laura Lippman

As Cassandra thinks about her next book, (she is a non fiction writer) she contemplates using one of her long ago friends to use as her subject matter. Her first book was a memoir about her family and friends that lived in the Baltimore area. Which was a hit only a few years after it was published. Her 2nd book, was also non fiction, which she reveals later on and only to herself that it was based on some true events that she had embellished.

As she returns to Baltimore for a fact finding mission for her next non fiction book. She has to write one, or she has to return the money to the publisher. She goes on and sees her divorced parents,and former friends looking for information, and finds that she isn’t as welcome like she was since she became famous, and apparently offended some people with things in her book that were true to her, but untrue to the people that were included.

The story she wants to write is about her ex school friend Callie. After being separated into 2 different schools, Cassandra is left out of the group and goes on with schooling not knowing what happens after, except for Callie going to jail for 7 years. All for being silent about the disappearance of her 2nd born son. And the mystery why she was and still is to this day silent, without anyone knowing exactly happened or why it did.

It was jumpy at times going from the past to present day, and sometimes I had a hard time keeping track, bit it was really well written. She does know how to twist things and then making it into something that will want you to keep reading until it is done.

This is the first book I have read and reviewed of Laura Lippman’s, I hope to be able to read more.

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