Mona Lisa’s Pajamas – A. Craig Copetas

Get ready for a high class ride around the world.

A.Craig Copetas takes readers on a ride around the world that only encompasses business, but golfing, finance and sailing. For me, it did sound interesting, and when I received it, it sat ever so patiently on my bookshelf until finally I gave in and took it and opened the pages.

The author takes you on a ride you wouldn’t have normally have taken. From the inside of the financial happenings in India, to the Oil Sand Golf Courses in UAE, to how Bombardier tests their planes before they are delivered to ensure safety.

I was intrigued at how many different stories there were, he takes you on a ride from India, to Russia, to spas that are understated and advertised only for men. Because, you all know that men are a bit embarrassed when they say or even admit that they frequent a spa. To places like how businessmen are receiving training to be able to enter hostile territory to be able to conduct business.

I felt it was a book that was more focused on a male audience, although, if a woman would want to read it based on the topics included would be totally fine as well.

My favorite would have to be the story of being able to buy a nobility title, and the sellers go about hunting down a title, and then being able to sell the title to you for a nominal fee.


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