Mistress of The Sun – Sandra Gulland

Set in the 17th Century King Louis’s XIV court, is a tale of magic, religion, a horse, and love that was never meant to be.

Louise de la Valliere who has minor nobility, comes across a horse that is wild. No one has been able to tame this horse, it is a pure white stallion, fierce, strong, willed, and handsome. Louise is adamant that she can tame him and turns to magic to accomplish this goal.

She comes across a book that is in her father’s library that has a section on Magic. Though, she is warned not to use it, she does anyways, and she accomplishes her task of taming the horse..but only to her. And finally her father tells her that he must get rid of the horse as he is too violent for anyone to be able to go near. One day, while her father is in the barn, he dies and Louise comes to terms that it was the magic that she used to tame the horse, and she becomes unable to speak.

Throughout this time, she is scared that the dark spirits are out to get her, and she is afraid of anything that happens in her life. Her mother sends away her brother to military school, and Louise is sent to her Aunt’s convent, as her mother cannot afford to support the children any further until she finds a new husband.

When Louise’s mother is remarried to a member of the royal family, she is gone to court to become a maid of honor, and meets the king, who is married, but finds comfort more in Louise then his actual wife. So this begins the tale of being in love with the king and all of that implies – secrets, consorts in secrecy, rumours, fighting, dueling, and children from the beginning to end of this historical story.

In this tale of love, nobility, and secrets, Sandra places her hands and her fingers into the depths of history and immeasurable research she has poured over and spun this tale of unimaginable suspense and love in the 17th century. Intricate detailing not only the scenery, but the gowns and uniforms to a tee. I almost thought I was in the middle of it all while reading. This is the first that I have read of Sandra’s novels, and I have to say I won’t be sure to miss another any time soon. Sandra is quite meticulous in her research as well.

Tomorrow, Sandra will be gracing our presence and will be doing a guest blog post, so please welcome her will all the as if she was a “Queen”. I will also be announcing the Winners of the giveaway as well, so stay tuned !!

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