Loser’s Town – Daniel Depp

Loser’s Town is one of those books that gives you a look on the more grittier side of Hollywood.

Spandau, is a private investigator who works for a low lying, but private, and classy private detective agency. After being in a Rodeo, and nearly ripping his thumb off doing something totally greenhorn, he gets a call from his boss about soon to be more famous then you have ever been in your life Bobby Dye.

Bobby is edging on stardom beyond his imagination. Currently filming a cowboy movie, Spandau goes to meet Bobby when it becomes apparent, that Bobby really needs Spandau, but Bobby doesn’t want him until the last opportune moment. In this tale of Hollywood’s darker and grittier side, Daniel Depp in his premiere debut gives a stunning example of Hollywood maybe not at it’s finest, but a view that will give you cause to maybe look twice where you are going and how you want to get there.

It is quite laden with profanity, so fair warning, I was even taken aback with the beginning of the novel at first, and once i got more into the book, it wasn’t so bad. I really liked reading this, and apparently, he is working on his 2nd Spandau novel, so stay tuned.

And, if you are wondering if there is any relation, yes, Daniel is Johnny’s older half brother….



Chapters Indigo


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