Advice For Italian Boys – Anne Giardini

Nicolo is the middle child of a Italian Canadian family. He’s 24 and still lives at home with his parents and his Nonna. Nonna is one of those implanted into the family after her husband dies and moves to Canada. She has wise words of wisdom, always in Italian, some would say it is just gibberish but once you look at it, most of it does make sense. His other brothers – one is a law student and the other being married early because of a unplanned pregnancy are at a crossroads in life. One doesn’t want to be married, the one in law school was caught changing his grades, and Nicolo well he isn’t sure about anything.

He works in a Gym as a personal trainer, has money in the bank, and really doesn’t have a care in the world. His clients are eclectic, and interesting as the rest of the characters are. Not all at once mind you, but they do. So, Nicolo is under pressure to get married and make babies, but he isn’t really sure even what he really wants and looks at the other people in his life to gain some perspective and to make his own decisions as decisively as he can. He is a quiet, thoughtful, and caring to take the time he needs to figure out what he wants – through what he sees in his parents especially on Sunday’s when they go to mass, return and dance in the dining room for an hour. After the hour, the intimacy is finished and go their separate ways. This was their quiet time with one another away from everyone and everything, the songs start off in a slow pace and by the end it was quickened in pace and tempo.

Poignant, descriptive, introspective, and enlightening about what goes on in a mind of a man. What he thinks and feels, what he wants to do or what he hasn’t figured out what he wants to do with the rest of his life. With Nonna in the background offering sage advice, and her little euphemisms are bound to make you smile at.

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4 thoughts on “Advice For Italian Boys – Anne Giardini

  1. I was/ kinda still am married to a Mediterrian / Italian man. Maltese to be exact, same culture as Italians, so I can definitely relate!

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