The Women – T.C. Boyle

At first getting this book, I was a bit unsure about it, and now that I have finished it, I am still not totally sure.

Frank Lloyd Wright was and is a world renowned architect. This tells the story of his wives and their somewhat perilous and scandalous times in the early 1900’s. Not only was Frank a genius at architecture, but also a shrewd businessman that was nearly bankrupt all of the time.

His three wives (you meet them in reverse order) were in their own right strong women to be able to handle living with a man that was so obsessed about his work, and how he lived his life. Coincidentally, he would actually grow tired of one wife, and meet another woman and have such strong feelings of desire and love for them as if the other had not existed. Kitty was his first wife, and she bore his 6 children, then came Mamah, who was brutally and violently killed at his home Taliesm, which them was burnt to the ground along with 5 others injured.

Miriam was next, who was a morphine addicted southern belle, who was just as obsessed as Frank was with his work, but more in how people thought of her and her reputation. Then came along Oligvannia with whom he married only after Miriam had caused such scandal and trouble for them after she was dumped by Frank. They were both married to other people at the time they met. Oligvannia had a child with Frank as well.

With all of the drama and the obsession of work and personal entrapment’s, it was interesting to see how it all played out. Don’t get me wrong all of these women were strong women, trusting him as he went and did his business and did it poorly pawning Peter to pay Paul as the saying goes. Rebuilding homes after fires and complete destruction amid designing buildings and showing his genius to all of his “apprentices” just so long as they paid their tuition. Not only was his women strong, he was a strong man himself.

To this day, he still has a name to be recognized with certain styles and reputation.


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4 thoughts on “The Women – T.C. Boyle

  1. I’ve never been all that interested in Frank Lloyd Wright since architecture isn’t something I’m all that into. But I’ve heard so many good things about this book and the author that I’m kind of intrigued. This sounds really dramatic. (Maybe a little too dramatic?) Still, I think I’d like to read this, though I believe I’ll hold out for the paperback.

    Great review!

  2. It is and it isn’t the wives themselves proved to be more dramatical then Frank himself at times, So all I can suggest is to read it for yourself and take it from there. Good Luck!!

  3. A very wonderful friend of mine has been racing me to read it. She of course finished way before I ever will. She is much more an afluent reader than I could ever imagine.
    Marci I love the way you review books. You tell us just enough to get us interested.
    My friend will be very proud of me because I after reading your review will force through and finish reading it.
    I will make sure to tell my very competetive, puchie, bully of a friend that your review in no way gives me material to cheat at my next book club meeting. It just encouraged me to read for myself.
    Thank You,
    Lucia Jones

  4. You guys, are always humbling me when I write a review. Sure, it makes my head swell to epic proportions and well to be perfectly honest, takes AT LEAST a week for it to subside…

    THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. And Lucia, tell that prissy affulent reading at a breakneck pace friend of yours to KYA !! LMAO !

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