Cemetery Dance – Douglas Peterson / Lincoln Child

When looking at the title, what does it say to you? Does it say or have a feel for an occult or something that isn’t mainstream? Well, in a way it is.

William and Nora have just celebrated their first wedding anniversary, home for the evening when something drastic and unthinkable happens. Someone attacks William while Nora is coming back from the bakery. She opens the door to their apartment to find William murdered and someone trying to kill her as well. Recovering in the hospital, and once the investigation starts off Agent Pendergast and Lieutenant D’Agosta are at odds with one another primarily about why their neighbor will want to attempt to kill both of these people. As well as both of these investigators having a storied past as well in a previous case, will they be able to trust one another and solve the case?

As the investigation continues, it seems as though it is part of some strange Voodoo cult that is inhabiting an old part of Manhattan, where those neighbours have heard screams of animals and strange smells and chanting coming from this supposedly uninhabitable part of the city. What comes next would shock you and thrill you to your bones.

Slowly building and climbing the storyline are a cast of characters and interests that will have you turning pages and thinking who in the world is it, until one character remains. And the reason why he did it, well, I will let you figure that out.

Written and presented vividly, certainly a smooth transition from one happenstance to the next. It almost makes you think twice or maybe even three times at who lives next door, and what they are do in private, and what they may or may not be hiding.


Chapters Indigo

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2 thoughts on “Cemetery Dance – Douglas Peterson / Lincoln Child

  1. I’m familiar with Will and Nora from previous books, and I’m a little sad they killed off Will like that. =( I liked him!

    Still, this sounds pretty good. And it has my favorite character, Agent Pendergast in it. I’ll probably wait for the paperback, though. Especially since I have “The Wheel of Darkness” still sitting on my TBR shelf. 😀

  2. This is my first book with these writers, and it did have some interesting information in the back of the book about how and what order to read them in, although, there are some that could be read alone books as well. I will definitely read more of these for sure !

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