Sima’s Undergarmets for Women – Ilana Stanger – Ross

When you look at the cover of this book, what would you think is the underlying premise of the storyline? Funny, Getting down to the core of women? Well it is partly all of those examples, and more.

Sima has been fitting undergarments for women for decades. She has seen and fitted women mostly by looking. She has a knack for it – knowing what size they are even before measuring them, as well as knowing what will look good, and feel even better so you don’t have those annoying straps and elastics digging into your shoulders or anywhere else for that matter. And in an Orthodox Jewish Neighbourhood this is more difficult then you can imagine.

Sima is going and doing her usual thing in the basement of her home – her store, when Tinma walks in and wants to buy some undergarments. Sima is immediately taken in by her and as they are talking she find out that Timna is looking for work, and Sima has an opening. Another thing that Sima notices is that Timna has a perfect body…not like the one that she has herself. Which has more underlying issues personally for her then you would imagine.

Sima and Timna get to know one another as time goes by, and Sima is feeling more and more jealous of what youth and vitality Timna has. She takes a look back at her life and her married life with her husband, and the inability to have children, and secretly decides to take Timna under her wing as her own daughter and live vicariously through her.

Sima has her regrets – not being able to have children, doing some things when she was younger that she keeps to herself and hasn’t told a soul, opening up to her husband, who is now retired and moping around the house as Sima and Timna are downstairs helping their clients all day.

I would have to say this book has some serious and important issues that women would find interesting – Past Regrets, Secrets, Not being open enough to your spouse, are just a few to mention.

This would be a GREAT book for a book club to be able to share the differences and views on the issues that jump right out, as well as relationships that women have with different women.

A thanks goes out to the publicist at Overlook Press that sent me this great book!

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