The Girl Next Door – Elizabeth Noble

Eve Gallagher and her husband have just moved to New York City from England. He has just landed a job as a banker, and they have moved into a turn of the century co-op building on the Upper West Side.

Moving that far is a feat in itself. The next, finding neighbors that will actually talk to you and at the same time making friendships that will last when you are away from your normal friends and family.

As the story opens up and once Eve joins the building’s roof building beautification committee, she finds a very eccentric and eclectic group – The Kramer’s, The Schulman’s, Jackson Grayling III and you just must have the male gay couple, and a few singles, and then there is the staff of the building itself who know the In’s and outs of the building. At first, with the title of the book it is thought that it is about one person, and their life as a single girl in the big city. In fact, it is about all of these characters in varying importance that intersect in different ways. Then of course there is Violet, who is the elderly neighbour of Eve and her husband.

Violet and Eve strike up this kind of kinship both being from England. Violet is like the mother Eve would want to have around since her mother died when she was young from Cancer.

It is poignant, heartbreaking (especially at the end of the book) and if you’re the type of person that wants to know what goes behind closed doors of people, not to mention the thoughts and feelings behind them, then this book is for you. I’m not sure that I would classify this book with just one label. There would have to be more then the obvious “chick lit”tag added.

The pain of being in ones unhappy marriage and how to fix it, a series of losses, and finding love where you’d least expect it all in one book, are just one of the many attributes this book encompasses that will have you reading until the night is turning into daylight and have you wondering where the time has gone.


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4 thoughts on “The Girl Next Door – Elizabeth Noble

  1. This sounds so interesting. I love reading about the interactions of people who happen to live in the same building. Thanks for bringing it to everyone’s attention with the review! (and I love the cover of the book!)

  2. How did I not know about this book? I love Elizabeth Noble’s writing; I’ve read everything she’s ever written! Thanks for the review; I’m going to have to get a copy!

  3. This sounds great!

    I too am a foreigner that moved to different neighborhoods in NYC and slowly developed my own community of friends, largely through involvement on the condo board and neighborhood condo groups. I’d love to read about the friendships in this book.

    gaby317nyc AT gmail DOT com

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