Into The Beautiful North – Luis Alberto Urrea

Nayeli is 19 and lives in her small Mexican Village. She loves where she lives and notices some changes in the town that she has lived all of her life. One big change is that most of the men have left to find a better place. She misses her father as well, who also has left and went north to find work and live a better life.

So, Nayeli and her friends and relatives are on a mission. To go north (to America) to find men that used to live in the village, bring them back so that they will be protected from the drug dealers and gangs that have recently started to hang around the town surveying, to see if this would be a good place to continue their dealings.

They raise money, and start their journey, amid some instances that were unavoidable and some that were, they finally make it to Tijuana, just on the other side of the border – They meet some very colourful characters on their way, and join their plight to bring back some men to their village.

Between being found crossing the border illegally, beaten, subjected to such hostile situations and places, they are so strong and vigilant that nothing or just about nothing will stop them. In this heartbreaking long journey that seems more about her father then it does for the rest of the village, the author manages to include all of the characters seamlessly and effortlessly in a complicated web of life, sustaining what they want to have, finding love, losing love, and finding there is more to life then moving north to America.

Hachette Book Group

Author’s Website


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