Burn This Book – Edited by Toni Morrison

Burn This Book, is somewhat of an interesting but yet intriguing title. At one glance, it is telling you what to do, but on the other hand it makes you want to open the book to see what it is inside before you to get rid of it.

Censorship and banning of books has been an important and yet an issue that some people wouldn’t want to talk about, even countries for that matter. Take the Beijing Olympics for example, when athletes and others couldn’t update their web pages, or fans about their journey to China.

It is a topic that is also looked upon lightly, for fear of being banished, jailed, or even killed in some countries around the world. It would also imply that some things aren’t meant to be spoken of, and just forgotten.

In this day and age, and of writing and the Internet, it is so easy to go and search for what you want to find. In other words, it is wanting a message to get out, to be discussed openly, to try and have some sort of closure.

In reading these short stories / essays, I believe it doesn’t matter whether what the genre is, there is always some sort of hidden meaning trying to come out from the story, trying to be heard – some may understand it and some may not, I (and this is my opinion) if you want to be open to it, you have to allow yourself to be open to it. I am not a philosopher or a debater by any means ( you can tell by my philosophy grades in college) that everything that someone writes, it doesn’t matter if you are a journalist, an author, or even a blogger for that matter it will be there for whoever would want to ever see it or read it.

These essays / stories are about how these writers have come across in their journeys to help writing as a craft, as a process, real or imaginary, be uncensored in every part of the world, for a person to be able to craft an opinion about the situation or the story on their own.

This book is to raise awareness to the fact that not all people are created equal, democratic, and want to stifle certain voices, when in fact, they should be brought out into the open to be able to voice what it is that they want to voice.

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3 thoughts on “Burn This Book – Edited by Toni Morrison

  1. This seems like a very interesting read. Censorship is a global problem (one I trust editor Toni Morrison understands all too well) and I can see the importance of a book that describes the situation.

  2. Makes sense to me. I’m against book censorship and censorship in general. I mean, besides yelling fire in a crowded theatre or something, but that’s obvious

    Could you go into more detail about what the essays are about?

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