People Of The Book – Geraldine Brooks

Hannah Heath is a book conservator / expert. She lives in Sydney, Australia, and has just gotten the call of a lifetime – to conserve a Sarajevo Haggadah, which has been rescued during the Bosnian War. What she doesn’t know is the circumstances of how the book came into the country.

As she starts to examine the book, she comes across mystifying things that are located inside the book, not to mention the breathtaking paintings, and text that accompany the images. For instance there is a butterfly wing, wine stains, blood, salt crystals, and a single white hair. What comes next is a story that will have you amazed about how other cultures had once viewed other religions and cultures – Muslim, Christianity, and Jewish.

What Hannah doesn’t realize that her associate and also her teacher from years ago, have gone and done something that will ultimately cost her credibility in the field.

The story goes from present day to past with every part of the mystifying items according to their time period, which at times was so interesting and vivid with imagination that I did have a hard time putting down. It is just breathtaking that this Haggadah has gone through being unburnt in the times that are mentioned in the book. Surely, if it was found by the wrong person, or placed in the hands of one that would have wanted it to be found would have had disastrous consequences where a priceless piece of history would have been gone forever.

The book was based on a real story of a similar book being found (Hebrew Codex) and bearing similar journeys through Venice and Spain through the centuries to where it now rests in Sarajevo, it instinctively melts past and present along with a bit of intrigue as people from different walks of life and religious backgrounds realize the immense beauty and value of the book safekeeping it from the very people that would want it destroyed, never to see the light of day again.

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