Testimony – Anita Shreve

What are the things you would be concerned about when sending your child to a private boarding school? Level of supervision from the staff, level of integrity and honesty between the staff and parents, level of graduates entering university, diversity?

In this fictional account of an impulsive act on the behalf of a few students – one female and 4 male students on a cold snowy Virginia evening, things changed for not only them but for the whole community, staff, as well as the lives of many outside forever.

Written from the perspective of all involved individually, Testimony is the tale of a impulsive act with alcohol gone wrong and the serious consequences of what happens afterwords by the headmaster of the school, the mistakes made while it was being investigated. Not to mention all of the speculation and intrigue that happens when it is connected to an underage sexual assault.

It was quite interesting to see what the individuals said about the incident in their own words and feelings as it was being told in the book. You hjave an image of everything in bits and pieces wanting to see the entire picture, while trying to come to terms with what is going to happen.

This sort of incident could be very well going on in some of the most prestigious boarding schools all over the world, but the fact of the matter is are the schools going to publicize them and end in peril or report the incidents and be liable to whatever happens in the end? – lawsuits, being shutdown, etc.

Given the perspective of how it was written, gives you food for thought about how we live in this day and age of technology, how fast news travels, how it is interpreted, as well as knowing that we live in a time where anything can happen, and be broadcast in an even shorter amount of time, how the story changes from person to person.

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One thought on “Testimony – Anita Shreve

  1. I haven’t read this book, but I am so curious. My wife has her books, Sea Glass, The Pilot’s Wife, and The Weight of Water. And she said that she was a bit disappointed with the narrative structure, but her favorite is The Pilot’s Wife.

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