The Nine Lessons – Kevin Alan Milne

For myself, golf hasn’t been one of those things I wouldn’t want to do personally.

This book however, is one of those must go and buy reads for the father or the father to be for Father’s Day this year.

August and his wife have been happily married for the last seven years. In the beginning, they both had agreed that not becoming pregnant was something that they didn’t want to do right away. But deep down, August didn’t want to become a father period, for the simple fact that when he was growing up when his father raising him on his own after his mother died was just a nightmare. He vowed that he never wanted to have children, based on how hard his father had pushed him to golf, when he wasn’t any good at it even after years of practice and then being on the golf team in High School. He was frightened to become what his father was when he was growing up – angry, distant, unemotional, and disengaged.

All of this changes one day, when August’s wife has announced that she is pregnant and she couldn’t be happier. Finally her dreams of being a mother and raising a family have finally come true. August has images flooding in his mind about how tragic and frustrating it was when he was a child – his father London not being there or listening to him, and not sharing anything about his mother when she was alive, after she died from cancer when he was 3 years old.

Once London finds out he couldn’t be more happier or overjoyed at the fact that he will be a Grandfather. August cannot for the life of him figure out why, and questions him on it. This is when it gets really interesting. London asks August to come golfing with him and gives him these golf score cards from when his dreams of being a PGA professional. Reluctantly, August relents and they begin The Nine Lessons.

For me, this book was one of a surprise and of so many lessons that can be taught or learnt for a father to be or one that has children, grandchildren that it is never too late to open yourself up to your loved ones and begin talking about life.

Poignant, heartbreaking, and full of insight not only about golf and life as they relate to one another. The author has seemingly brought together 2 things that men of any age or life experiences will relate and understand as they read. Even if the man in your life isn’t one that isn’t a reader it was easy to follow and understand. It also is one of those books that makes you think about second chances and not to give up on the ones you love. Highly Recommended.

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