A Vintage Affair – Isabel Wolff

Phoebe is on another page with her life. After working for an auction house in the vintage textiles section, she feels she needs a change so she decides to open up her own vintage clothing store.

In a matter of hours as she is preparing for the grand opening, a reporter comes to talk to her about her about her business and to scope the place out. When the article is featured in the paper he works for she not only gets business, but many new friends and old questions that are answered about her past and possibly her future. There are her customers who are eclectic to say the least, the people she buys vintage clothing from. It isn’t only the clothes that have a colourful past, but their lives as well.

Her one seller is an elderly lady who has cancer. When Phoebe goes to her home to select items, she comes across a blue child’s coat. As they get to know one another Phoebe learns the reason why she has that coat and won’t part with it – a poignant and heartbreaking story of a friend and of the holocaust in Europe.

I really enjoyed this “chick lit” book, Phoebe come to terms with events that have happened in her own life – death of her best friend, new romantic liaisons, and new friends, and ooh those vintage clothes intricately woven into the storyline that not only have a past of their own, but new experiences to be had with their new owners.

Chapters Indigo


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