The Way Home – George Pelecanos

Chris works for his father as a carpet installer. He and his partner who is also his friend are working together on a install in a house that is being “flipped”. As they take away the old carpet they come across an opening in the wood flooring underneath and come across a duffel bag filled with money. Not knowing who it belongs to, they decide to leave it there.

His friend is out with another acquaintance drinking one night, and tells this friend about the money they found, and forgets about it. Later on, Chris’s friend is found dead in an old abandoned school with it looking like it was murder. In this novel about friends, life lessons, and learning, Chris now knows that he never did.. is that there is always a way home.

It was a quick read, I was totally engrossed into the story line as well as the characters would do or not do for one another. Coming from a troubled teenage past, they all handled things differently, in knowing what the consequences were either way. Some were done innocently, and some with the full knowledge of what would happen if they did and have done. I would highly recommend this book for a day sunning, on the beach, or just to take you away from the real world for a bit.

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