The Scarecrow – Michael Connelly

Jack McEvoy isn’t happy. Just given his “pink slip” from being a crime reporter for the LA Times. He wants to go out with a bang so to speak, and let his employers have second thoughts about letting him go, and he just may get his wish.

He is contacted by a recently arrested 16 yr old’s “Mom’s” who insists that her boy is innocent of murder. As Jack investigates deeper, he finds that it could and most likely is true. He comes across a similar case in Arizona, where the husband was convicted of murdering his wife. This opens up a whole other can of worms from Jack’s past.

In Arizona, a prominent businessman and sidekick never would have thought they would be on the end of Jack’s investigative leash. So, they have to do something soon, and get him off their radar. If it wasn’t for his sidekick and making the mistakes that he had, they wouldn’t be in the situation they are in now. He is getting too personal, and starting to make mistakes, and the boss isn’t liking it one bit.

In all honesty, I started this book yesterday, and after reading the first few chapters and taking a break, I read more later on in the evening while laying in bed. One minute I looked it was 10 pm and the next time I looked at the clock it was 3:30 am and I needed to wake up at 7am to get my son ready for school.

Suffice it to say, I was just a bit tired to say the least, but I wasn’t disappointed with Michael’s latest thriller. Filled with psychological aspects that could only come from having experience from the FBI team, it was a really engaging, and at times I really fought to put it down. I wanted to know what was going to happen minute by minute, and in this regard I wasn’t disappointed.

Highly recommended !

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