Six Suspects – Vikas Swarup

And they are… (in no order of preference)

1. The Corrupt Bureaucrat – Who thinks that he has been invaded by a reincarnated Mahatma Gandhi, but he’s really been invaded by the female that is actually conducting the seance that he attends with his mistress against his better judgement.

2. An American Tourist / Future Fiancee – Who finds out on his flight to India that he is going to be marrying a famous and well known Bollywood performer. He is employed in Texas (his home state) at Wal-Mart as a forklift driver in the warehouse, who has come to India to marry his long distance fiancee. (See #4)

3. Stone Age Tribesman – Who has come out of the bush and stark, dismal reality of the “Big City” to recover a sacred “phallic” looking symbol that keeps his village / tribe safe from harm and return it back to it’s rightful place.

4. Bollywood Actress / Performer – Who has some secrets of her own, and a body double that she crafted herself in a mere matter of months (not for a certain purpose of course), who seriously has ideas of her own when it comes to “becoming the actress she is impersonating”. (See #2)

5. A Mobile Phone Thief – Who has big dreams of his own when he finds a duffel bag stuffed full of money, and then falls in love with a girl unknown to him is one of the biggest and largest crime syndicates in India, as well as Corrupted Politicians. (See # 1)

6. Annnnd last, but not least, The Ambitious Politician who has his own ideas, and at times gets them oh so horribly wrong.

They all have their noted and not so noted grievances against Vicky Rai (#5, #2) who was killed on the night of his party after being found innocent of killing a known gangster.

But, Who actually did it ??

Vikas Swarup tangles the intertwining stories and backgrounds of these 6 people and some that are in the background with such panache and artistry that even at the end of the story you are still scratching your head as to who did it and with what gun, leaving you to always second guess.

This is Vikas’ 2nd novel after the highly Oscar nominated and Winning movie loosely based on Q and A, also known as “Slumdog Millionaire”.

I love how he had woven all of the intricate and factual information throughout the book into a twisted tale of all six suspects. Everyone that is suspect has reason to kill him, but do YOU actually know who did the deed??

I was actually stumped on this one as well, and still am surprised at the outcome.. Let’s see if you are as well…

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