Dune Road – Jane Green

Kit Hargrove is a divorced woman living in a small town whose recent divorce has given her some sort of a new lease on life. Her ex husband who is a wall street banker and their two children are amicable. She has a few close friends and a quiet life in Highland CT.

Her next door neighbour whom she thinks of her “other mother” tells her about a job that may be available from a famous, bestselling author that also lives in town – Robert McClure, who is seen as somewhat of a recluse after the mysterious death of his wife Penelope who was a famous fashion model in the 70’s.

As she starts to work for him, shes heard the rumours and it is quite the opposite – he is outgoing, funny, and personable. Many have asked him what happened that fateful night when his wife died on a yacht, but he doesn’t talk about it, and never really has.

This somewhat reclusive lifestyle is totally shattered one night when Kit, Robert, and a few of her friends attend a book reading by the author himself. One of her friends Traci, is smitten with Robert and has plans of her own. Traci is at least 15 yrs younger then Robert, but then she doesn’t mind. Hopefully, neither will he.

Kit during this time also becomes a muse for a man that has just moved into town – Steve, and she cannot believe how sweet and considerate he is. Kit’s neighbour has other feelings about Steve when they finally meet, and she doesn’t like him..one bit, and thinks he is trying too hard.

Other things begin to happen as well, Traci becomes more quiet and secretive about her visiting Robert, Financial worries hot one of her other friends who is also a wall street financier. It just seems as though everyone has their secrets, and Kit starts to second guessing some of her friends intentions.

It was a really well written book, however, at the end it felt as though it was all mushed together to just get it over with. That once the main characters story lines were complete, that was it for the book and the supporting characters were wound up quickly. I felt as though I was being rushed. Some of the supporting characters were never heard from again, I would have liked to find out what happened after all of their scheming and lies were uncovered.

One more thing, I for one didn’t think the cover of the book melded with the storyline itself. I tend to go by the cover AND the inside flap description, which didn’t quite go together. Maybe I am just being overly picky. Honestly, if I had seen the book in a bookstore, I would have probably walked right by it.

Jane Green is a bestselling novelist that has written 10 past books.

Penguin Canada

Authors Website

Chapters Indigo Booksamillion.com Borders


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