The Host – Stephenie Meyer

The HostMelanie Stryder just won’t go away.

As her “wanderer” is inserted into the base of her brain and attempts to regain control of her past thoughts, memories and images before she was eventually caught and preserved, Melanie has other ideas.  She is determined to find her boyfriend and her little brother after she was caught and made a host.

Melanie is the host, but her wanderer is tying to gain control of her body, but she is fighting it.  Flooding the wanderer with all sorts of feelings that once was thought was immune to this one is different.  She is feeling the feelings and the emotions.  She needs to find out certain information, but won’t be let in so easily.

Taking directions from her “healer” and her pseudo psychiatrist aka “the seeker” who hunts in every single corner, nook and crannie to find the other humans that haven’t been found as of yet on earth.

The Wanderer is at first afraid of what Melanie is trying to do with her by flooding her with memories of her boyfriend and brother.  The wanderer reluctantly agrees after becoming so overcome with emotion, grief and sadness she agrees to follow Melanie on her quest to find her crazy Uncle and her brother Jared that she thinks couldn’t have survived the first and later abductions of humans on Earth.

I have to admit, at first when I was offered to read and join the blog tour, I was sceptical and at the same time intrigued as to what I would find once I started to read.  The question for me was – “What is all the hype about”?.

I was actually quite surprised and enjoyed it very much.  At a little over 600 pages, it was a bit intimidating to say the least, but as I started, I have to admit, I enjoyed it.

At times it was different to imagine the actual transfer of the wanderer to the host and what the purpose it had.  Personally, it had the feeling of one of those old 80’s horror movies you would see on late night TV, remember those?) But then it turned into a fight for survival, hatred, love, and the desire to live.  The stakes were never higher.

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One thought on “The Host – Stephenie Meyer

  1. “Twilight” doesn’t sound like it’s my kind of book, though I do intend to read it as soon as I can snag a copy from the library (or a used-book store). “The Host” sounds much more promising, in my eyes at least, so I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed on finding a copy this summer.

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