Who writes a better thriller men or women ??


The last week or two I have been reading a few thrillers.  One was by a pair of women and the one I finished recently was written by a man.  Now, not giving too much away.  Do you like the writing of men better,  or do you prefer women that write thrillers ??

For me, and the last 2 I have read, I found that the substance that this particular male author was far more superior then the female authors I read.

What are your thoughts on this?? Do you have a preference ??

Is there things a male can only write about ?? Can a female author be just as good or better ??

Just curious…Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things??

EDIT** – Jenn made a good point as well as J_Kaye on twitter isn’t a battle of the sexes, it should be based on how their writing style is…

So, do YOU have a favorite writer or are some just overrated??


3 thoughts on “Who writes a better thriller men or women ??

  1. Interesting question. I don’t think it’s really a question about whether the author is male or female, as I’ve read both really good thrillers by both sexes as well as really bad. As you know, I enjoy Patterson’s writing, but I think Kathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwell are amazing as well. I think it’s just…different, and that might not be based on their sex, but what they are expected to write about based on their sex. Will ponder this a bit more..

  2. No I realize that, and I didn’t mean to make it as a men vs. women thing. JKaye makes a good point about female authors that write thrillers and I thought of one that does write a good one – Lisa Black.

    I just noticed that maybe if you have seen it happen if some would go a bit lighter on the gore parts then others…

    Do some people have a favorite thriller writer ?? and why?

  3. Hummm. I haven’t seen much difference, but I tend toward the cozy side anyway. But I find women writers can be just a gory as men. When I looked at the list of series I’m reading or want to read, I see a fairly even male/female distribution. So for me, I don’t see a lot of difference.

    But keep in mind that I don’t read very many hard-core mysteries and I don’t read spy or political thrillers.

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