Whispered Lies – Sherrilynn Kenyon and Dianna Love

whispered liesThe Bureau of American Defense are at it again, they are alerted to a teenager being abducted.  They are to go in blind to rescue her somewhere in Europe.  How and why do they know this? Seems as though they have a secret informant that has been sending them information through on-line newsgroups and billboards, about a certain crime syndicate – the Fratelli de il Sovrano just days before the Presidential election.

They need to track down who this person is, before the crime syndicate does “Mirage” as this person is known who sent the tip, and has fed more then this to many other police agencies over the years.

Gabrielle has hidden from her family to protect them and from her abusive ex husband rich actor that only used her for her connections.  She is what you would call “Royalty” for the last 10 years.  But when she receives a post card from a friend that she thought was dead and hasn’t heard from since boarding school, which propels her into the deadly game and smack in the middle of the mission that BAD are involved, and once BAD finds out it is her that is feeding them the information, not only does she need their protection, but one of their agents does as well.

But what will they do after everything is finished? Carlos is one of those men who doesn’t like long term relationships, he likes them short and sweet, and he’s assigned to protect her against whomever it is that is after her.  He can’t believe that he is THAT attracted to her, and cannot seem to turn off his feelings, even in the presence of his other colleagues or in the face of danger.

This was a quick read for me.  I was a bit shocked at the sexual content as well.  The storyline could have been a bit more intensive since it is a thriller/action type of fiction genre.  It wasn’t as descriptive as I thought it would be compared to others out there.  I am not sure if it was because it was written by women, or if it was the sexual content that made it turn off for me.  I did enjoy it, but I would have enjoyed it more if it was a more grittier read.  Also the fact  that the long lost friend that was assumed dead until she received the postcard, and never surfaced made me question the storyline as well, or if this particular storyline would be continued in another novel.

Simon and Shuster

Author’s Website

Buy the Book – Borders / chapters.indigo.ca / Amazon


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