Swimsuit – James Patterson

SwimsuitI could not put this book down, and when I did it was eying me from the table taunting me to pick it up and keep reading…You know what I am talking about…don’t you??

Kim McDaniels seems to have it all.  She is 21 in Hawaii doing a photoshoot for a mainstream magazine.  She’s hit the big time, but to her it feels all surreal.

After finishing a photo shoot one day, all of the crew and other models decide to go to the bar,  have a few drinks and relax.  Her chaperone, her roommate, and one of the other models go to the ladies room and leaves Kim sitting at the bar alone.  Kim gets bored just sitting there and decides to take a walk along the beach.  Not knowing that she is being watched, or that she was drugged,  she wakes up in the trunk of a car,  has absolutely no idea where she is or how or why for that matter why would someone do this to her.

A voice comes from the front of the car, and it isn’t who she thinks it is at first.  She thinks it is her ex boyfriend that may have abducted her, but it is an unfamiliar voice. She faints again, and the next thing she realizes is that she isn’t in the car anymore but in a cabin hog tied to the bed, scared.  Then she is dead.

Kim’s parent’s receive a phone call at 3 am.  It isn’t usual for anyone to be calling at this hour.  But then it could be Kim calling from Hawaii.  Her father answers the phone and it is a male voice, telling him that their daughter is in danger, as he softens the blow to his wife, they jump on a plane for Hawaii, not knowing if Kim is alive or dead.

Ben Hawkins is the crime reporter for the LA Times.  His background is sufficient for this type of work, a cop.  He has been assigned to Kim’s abduction.  Once he gets there, he befriends Kim’s parents, and they jointly go searching for what happened to her, with deathly consequences.

The killer it seems records the sexual assaults and killings of his victims and sells them to a distinct but very private group of individuals on line that live in Europe.  He makes good money doing this, compared to what he did before.

This book was non-stop action.  I had a hard time putting it down for any amount of time, the amount of thrills and ups and downs from the start to the end of the book along with the background information will make it yet another best seller for Mr. Patterson.  It had a svelte balance of everything that is needed for a thriller and the storyline of this magnitude.

This book is due to be released on June 29, 2009. PRE ORDER – Borders / chapters.indigo.ca / Amazon

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2 thoughts on “Swimsuit – James Patterson

  1. Once I bought a James Patterson because I’d heard how popular he was and liked the summary of his books so I got curious. I managed to get a copy of London Bridge. I was very disappointed. I put the book down after just a couple of pages. The writer’s style was rather mediocre and I hate it when a chapter is hardly three pages long.

    • I don’t think it really matters one way or the other. If you are enjoying the book, you are still going to read it regardless of whether the chapters are three pages long or 25 pages long. Tomato, Tomatoe

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