Update – Summer is Short, Read A Story Challenge

Summer is short, read a storyMel over at The Indextrious Reader had left a post shortly after I had posted this challenge, and along with her recommendation, I went to my local library and picked up these two books along with the two that I had received –

A Hard Witching by Jacqueline Baker

Forms of Devotion by Diane Schoemperlen

These are the 2 that I have received –

Family Happiness by Leo Tolstoy

Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman

I have already read The Turning by Tim Winton last summer and LOVED IT.

So, what is it that you have chosen??

If you wanted to get in the action and join the challenge, go and read all about it on The Savvy Reader the blog for HarperCollins Canada.


2 thoughts on “Update – Summer is Short, Read A Story Challenge

  1. Well, I’d better hope you like the Baker & Schoemperlen now, hadn’t I?
    I’d like to read the Tolstoy — I have the Gaiman but haven’t read it all yet. I love short stories though.

    • I am looking forward to reading them all, I really wanted the Itani, but they didn’t have it in the library. I am goingto start on the Baker and the Schoemperlen now, because they have to be back by the 18th of July. Then I will get to the Gaiman and the Tolstoy. I think I am going to start the Baker first… Just have to rough out some reviews before I do, and post a few too. Yeah, they do give you a small window in which you can take a peek and see what is going on. I like them too, although, there are some that just have to be novel length just to be able to feel the emotions of the characters and the storylines.

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