Hannah’s Dream – Diane Hammond

hannah_cover_lgHave you ever had the same dream reoccur over and over again.  Have you in this dream felt the green grass, felt the breeze in your hair or on your face.  Samson, the elephant handler for decades to Hannah, has had this recurring dream for decades.  He cannot explain it, his wife thinks it happens when he is stressed or worried about his beloved Hannah.  Samson’s time with Hannah is coming to an end.  He is in his 60’s and recently developed diabetes. In all of the years he has worked at the zoo, he hasn’t even begun to think about leaving Hannah.  But soon he must, and right now it is breaking his heart.

With all of these quirky and yet interesting characters, Diane Hammond brings all of them together for one goal.  To get Hannah to a place in which she will be her happiest.  Adopted from Africa, Hannah is blind in one eye, and sensitive to her surroundings.  She is also partial to treats.  Because of the circumstances in which Max L. Bieldeman removed her from, she brought her to the west coast of the US,  so she could live her life as peacefully as possible.  When Max died, she left a rich and long history of traveling to Africa and all over the world, and at times gives Samson a brief glimpse into that long lived life before her death and the small town taking over the zoo.

My heart broke for Hannah and all of the characters which were in the novel, they were all brought together to make one thing happen, and then in turn that helped themselves in what they were dealing with in their own personal lives.  It was poignant, treacherous at times, but in the end it was all worth while.  Highly Recommended.

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Reading Guide by HarperCollins

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