April & Oliver – Tess Callahan

AprilOliverApril and Oliver have been what you would call “soul mates” since childhood.  Years after they have all grown up and gone their separate ways, something tragic happens that brings them back together – April’s younger brother dying in a car accident.

When Oliver returns to town, the once inseperable pair are at odds with one another – For feeling the feelings they are feeling toward one another just like all that time away from one another has been just a few hours since they have seen each other.  Thinking of past instances, and not yet dealing with it all on both accounts.  She is still tending bar, like she has been since she was 14, and he is off to Law School in the fall with the woman he is engaged to, moving back to New York so they can respectively go to grad school.

As much as the grief of a brother and a friend are striking them, the sexual tension is hitting them even harder at the same time,  neither knows what to do with it, while looking at the past,  thinking of what could have been.

I found the story of April to be one that is being multiplied many times.  Women can relate to on a personal level as well an emotional one.  With Oliver, he has everything he wants, but is doubting his choices, second guessing himself, even the fact of he has the woman of his dreams, he is still unsure as to why he has her and why does he deserve her in the first place.

I found Tess’s writing style to be quite honest as to what issues are happening in the real world today.  With how we deal with on a daily basis whether it is in our private life, or public ones.  Even the fact that these same issues and dialogues are  talked about every day, different circumstances of course, but it is the everyday talk that lets us in as to what makes us us, and essentially what or why we do what we do and mistakes we make in the process. Even if it takes a few minutes or years to deal with the issues that are plaguing us at the given time.

It definitely makes you identify with the characters in the book on a personal basis.

I loved the books under toned subject matter that made you want to read on and find out what happens between April and Oliver.  I am looking forward to reading more of Tess’s work in the future.

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4 thoughts on “April & Oliver – Tess Callahan

  1. Wow. I like books that make you think and make you want to know more. And I love books with characters that are easy to relate to. Super review.

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