Soccer: The Ultimate Guide – Martin Cloake, Glenn Dakin, Adam Powley, Aiden Radnedge, and Catherine Saunders

Soccer The Ultimate GuideOne day when DK Canada was on it’s first day on twitter, they had sent me this beautiful book for my son who is an avid soccer fan and player.  When it finally came in the mail, he and I both were amazed at the amount of data, pictures, and information was complied.  I opened it and thought that this book is one of the most comprehensible books out there for sports.

As part of my review of this fabulous book, my son will give his expert opinion of it as well, so would you all please welcome my son to his first blog post, assisted by me of course!

1.  What was it you liked about this particular book?

  • Teaches you the rules and history of the game of soccer from the begining
  • Shows you how the sport has grown over the years
  • Teaches you about all of the teams that play soccer, helps you understand them.
  • Stats, Stats, Stats.
  • You are able to look at your favorite team
  • Teaches you all about the positions, why they are important, and different skills and equipment you need to be able to play soccer.
  • Interesting facts about soccer the game,stats and facts that you may not have already known.

For myself, once I opened the book, I was not surprised and have to agree with all of the points that my son has expressed. At a little over 150 pages, it is literally packed full of information that will have your child fully informed of all of the different teams, rules, positions, and so much more.  It is also great for a child or adult who is new to the game or just starting out.  It is packed FULL of full color photographs and amazing detail.  It will make you go back to it and use it as reference, or just to take a quick look.  Both educational and informative and best of all FUN!

Thank you to my son for expressing his honest and humble opinion, and I am sure that he will keep this book for many years to come.

Thank You DK Canada for sending this book, and allowing us to be able to explore it together.

DK Canada

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5 thoughts on “Soccer: The Ultimate Guide – Martin Cloake, Glenn Dakin, Adam Powley, Aiden Radnedge, and Catherine Saunders

  1. I have to say I love DK books they are well done and they always have a ton of great info in it for kids. We have borrowed a few from the library and M loves them. Great review your son did.

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