The Longshot – Katie Kitamura

longshotCal and Ripley have traveled to Tijuana, Mexico for a boxing tournament.  Cal had fought Rivieria three years earlier, and this new match is touted as his resurgence into the boxing world.  Both Cal and Ripley are a bit apprehensive about this current one.  Cal thinks it is because in the last match, he lost something, and now his head and edge are gone, along with the spirit he once drawn upon to fight.

Ripley, who has trained Cal since the beginning knew Cal has that “special” thing.  He still has it now and he can see it shining through, but deep down he knows the last fight changed him, and starts to wonder if the fight is really worth it, or should they just walk away.

This novel, although, short at 191 pages is full and feels as though it is a much longer novel then it actually is.

It will for sure encapsulate you and leave you as you are right there with them as they train and at the match feeling the fans, the spit into the bucket just before they ring the bell for fight time.

It takes you into the minds of the fighter and the trainer with such descriptive narratives, I have to admit I was even a bit afraid of what would happen in the end.

The Longshot was written by Katie Katamura, and this is her first novel.  She deftly goes and rightly accomplishes her goal of writing in the male perspective and delivers a knockout in the first round.

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BUY THE BOOK – Borders / / Amazon Out in Stores in August 11th, 2009.


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