Best Friends Forever – Jennifer Weiner

Best Friends ForeverI just received this book about a week ago, I didn’t recognize the authors name until I came across her past work – In Her Shoes, and Good in Bed.  In Her Shoes was made into a movie starring Toni Collette & Cameron Diaz, among other works of fiction.

Addie is comfortable with her life, but it wasn’t all like that when she was growing up.  Being teased for being overweight, and called horrendous names all through her childhood and adolescence wasn’t exactly fun.  She now works from home as an artist, and has lost all of the extra weight and is happy with her life.  She wants to have a relationship,  is doing the “on-line” thing,  keeps getting the “freaks” – the one that think they are or have been abducted by aliens…who wonders why that she cannot find a human, decent male to be able to share her life with.  One night at home from one of those “dates from hell”, she hears a knock at the door and wonders who it could be so late at night.  She goes to the door, she cannot believe her eyes, it was her one and only best friend from those rough times, and she hasn’t seen her or heard from her in years.  Out of nowhere her friend says “I think I just killed someone, And I need your help”.

At first, she is shocked that she is there in the first place, secondly, she thinks I should just close the door, and wish her well.  Best laid plans and that nagging inner voice (you know which one I am talking about) tell her not to, but she goes anyways.  They are friends right? It can’t be as possibly as bad as she says it is, she always had a sense for the dramatic..right?.

At 360 pages, it was a read that kept you in the moment, with the characters, into the storyline, with a bit of nostalgia of when they were younger.  I thought it would be a great read for a day on the beach, or on the porch with a glass of wine enjoying the sun and all that summer lets us adore before the inevitable cold and snow arrive.  There were times that you will laugh out loud or even chuckle, and at times be wanting to be out of the room (embarrassing type).  The characters were well thought out and portrayed.

I thought it was also great that the author had incorporated some of the issues that face girls that are growing up in the world today – being overweight / skinny, peer pressure, and the ability to overcome whatever obstacles that teenagers face to become a well adjusted adult.

Simon and Schuster

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2 thoughts on “Best Friends Forever – Jennifer Weiner

  1. I’ve been meaning to check out Jennifer Weiner for a long time. This book sounds really interesting, I’ll definitely have to read this one. Thanks for the review!

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