The Doomsday Key – James Rollins

14_english_the_doomsday_key_hb0In this 6th installment of the Sigma Force novels, James Rollins certainly knows how to write a great thriller.   And they certainly know how to put things together, even if they have resorted to working with one of their nemesis.

Alerted to a strange phenomenon where a Vatican archaeologist, a Princeton geneticist, as well as a US Senators son is killed all in a matter of days, all in different parts of the world, the Sigma Force sure has a lot to know about all three in a short matter of time, while travelling all around the world.

The cause of these deaths? It seems as though some kind of puzzle that hasn’t been solved for thousands of years, though when it was people were killed in that instance as well.  It all goes back to a book that had all of the population of England, the areas of habitation, and places marked as “wasted”, known as the Doomsday Key”, as well as another fact of those times – a Druidic Pagan cross that has been burned into the skin of the people killed or assassinated.

As the sigma force are dispatched to all parts of the world to solve the clues as they are presented to them, some characters come back into play, but as usual can they be trusted?

As the seperated teams within sigma force work to solve the puzzle, more and more clues come to them that they even imagined possible, and time is running short to solve who and why is doing this, and at what cost to human kind.

I really enjoyed the book, the action sequences, along with all of the clues and how they were incorporated into the storyline were quite interesting, and factual as he states in the book.  The places and historic figures are real, it is the storyline that is fictional.  It would have )at least I would think) that all of these situations would have taken a lot of time to scope and plan out as the book was written, as well as the research to take it from just an idea to a full fledged manuscript must have been a feat in itself.

It will not only engage your fix for the thrill and adventure, it will also have your brain excercised as well, thinking about the historical references and artifacts that are mentioned in the book that will satisfy your hunger.

I look forward to reading more of James’ work in the future, it was a great book that satisfied my hunger for the adventure, history, and thrill.

Buckle Up!


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