Just for Fun – Check These Out

As she is known on Twitter as SpoonFullofChocolate, I came across these really neat book purses, I tried so hard to see where or what post I read about them on, and I can’t remember, so my apologies if I have hijacked the post or article from anyone else.

Spoonful makes these really cool and recyclable purses made from the covers of books.  She can do custom orders, and the pages of the books are not harmed, she places the sleeve of the book which she doesn’t use across the pages and donates them to an organization that will make use of them.  As far as  I can see, the purses themselves are very well handmade, and quite cute and eclectic.  So, here they are –

Jane Eyre

Grimm's Fairy Talesil_430xN.77627495il_430xN.80411546

So, If you are interested in getting one of these one of a kind purses go to her Etsy website to order and to find out more ! – SpoonFullOfChocolate


2 thoughts on “Just for Fun – Check These Out

  1. These are the cutest purses that I’ve seen…far beats a Coach purse. Also, what an amazingly clever idea. Thanks, for sharing; I think that I’m in love 🙂

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