Daniel X: Watch The Skies – James Patterson & Ned Rust

DanielXHave you ever wanted to go back into time and relive parts of your childhood, or wanted to relive the daydreams that you once had?

Daniel who is known to his imaginary family is one of the good guys, who goes after the bad guys in a universe of good and bad aliens.  He has super powers  he uses along with his imagination, and trust me his imagination is pretty imaginative.

In the town of Hollisworth, everything that is normal isn’t as normal as you would think.  Sure there are TVs, and radios, and cell phones, people hanging out at the local diner getting a bite to eat and just chit chatting, but take a closer look….a real closer look.

There is a certain alien that Daniel has been after for a long time – #5, this time isn’t any different.  #5 is being really sneaky using some simple everyday items to be able to take control over the people of this small sleepy town. He  knows where Daniel is at a moments notice, which is getting Daniel aggravated that he is having a hard time finding him to be able to take him down and save the town.

I loved this story.  I read it within a few hours,  it was really hard to put down at first until I finished it.  The book is full of lessons for the young adult, as well as for us all (and may have forgotten), such as – being a friend, being able to concentrate further to see the finer details,  thinking about decisions, being honest,  just an overall good message book for kids.  It is also comical and funny enough for smaller children to be able to get a few good oohs and ahhhh’s and ewe’s in there.

I noticed on the back cover that there was a kind of warning and it stated – ” In the spirit of the most endearing hit movies and books, James Patterson has written this story for readers from 10 – 110.  Special care has been taken with the language and content of this book”.

I have to admit, this is the first time that I have seen such a warning of this nature, and it is about time.  Parents need to be able to discern what the difference is when it comes to the books that their children are wanting or are reading at the time, so that if it is unacceptable, or inappropriate, then they will be able to take appropriate action.

I have to say, it was the exact opposite of work from his usual adult fiction titles, and it was refreshing to see that an author of James Patterson’s magnitude can switch back and forth like this.

Listen to an audio excerpt

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3 thoughts on “Daniel X: Watch The Skies – James Patterson & Ned Rust

  1. Thanks for sending me the book. I am going to bring it on vacation. If its a Patterson book I will be done it within a day or so. Thanks again.

    I am sure I will be buying the other books in this series when I am done with this one.

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