The Lie – Fredrica Wagman


“Every man I knew went to bed with Gilda… and woke up with me.” – Rita Hayworth

Ramona is sitting on a park bench waiting for the bus to arrive when she meets Solomon.  During their initial interaction she gets ahead of herself and rattles off that her father had died a week ago, through her ramblings they share cigarettes, and later end up at her home where her step mother is  has sold off most of their furniture.  As they are having sex, she is certain she is “frigid”, and Solomon’s “penis fingers” are no longer a turn on for her.

About a month later, they get married. She thinks that they are living in wedded bliss but, she isn’t happy.  Solomon helps her pick her clothes and the furnishings for their apartment, and he is just so crazy in love with her,  she comes to the conclusion that he is having an affair with a woman who is nearly identical to Rita Hayworth.  She is certain that she is watching them from the corner of their street, and laughs at her every time Ramona sees her, taunting her everytime they talk.

Now there are a few things that Ramona hasn’t told Solomon, well, more then a few things.  She thinks that if she tells him what he wants to hear that she can keep her deepest darkest secrets away from him instead of being totally honest, which could break them apart.

Now, I have to be totally honest, the author has written in “stream of consciousness”  style which I am completely unfamiliar with.  It felt and sounded to me that Ramona had Schizophrenia.   I think if the author had written in a more contemporary way, then it would have been a much better read.

I did not enjoy this book at all, I really dislike when I have to say this because I love books and reading them, but this novel was not for me.

There was some interesting thoughts on different aspects of what issues she identified along with the time of the novel – 1950’s where certain things weren’t discussed at the time as things are discussed now.  Then there was how her relationship with her husband and how things were done, where they didn’t talk about their sex lives, feelings of one another or of themselves, or how they wanted to move on from where they were relationship wise.

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One thought on “The Lie – Fredrica Wagman

  1. I just started this book. I will be interested to see how my opinion compares to yours. I am not familiar with the stream-of-consciousness reading either, even though I totally write that way. Hmm…sounds hypocritical now that I think of it…

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