Dying For Mercy – Mary Jane Clark

dying for mercyIsn’t this cover so elusive ?? I love the cover !

Mary Jane Clark is back with a new book.

Eliza Blake is in the middle of yet another murder mystery, along with her colleagues and Mack.

On St. Francis Di Assisi Day, Eliza is invited to a prominent friends home in Tuxedo Park (an exclusive gated community) which they just renovated after returning to New York from Italy.  On that night as they are all enjoying the atmosphere and company with many more guests the host is found dead in his greenhouse.  Unknown  to the guests and his wife (Retired Senator) it is staged, with clues which they don’t know about yet, are hidden that will ultimately uncover the secrets that he has been keeping for not only his friends but his family as well.

Throughout the novel, the descriptions of the lavish redecoration highlight the house as well as the clues that he has left in the wake of his death.  Will Eliza be able to uncover and solve the clues? There is more to the eye then just the “face” value” which they quickly come to a conclusion, which is also revealed to the people that want the secrets kept hidden.

I started this book just after noon time last week,  I have to admit I was so pulled into the plot, the clues, storyline, as well as all of the characters had me not wanting to put it down for even a minute.  I felt it eying me from the table when I was doing other things.  Being continually engaged in such a manner the time literally flew by, and by the time I finished the novel (about 11pm the same day) I was shocked at how fast and how engaged I was into the storyline and the complex  plotting that Mary Jane knows how to weave into her novels.

Along with her experience in television, she masters that area  as well as the expert precision of keeping you on the edge of your seat until the final page has been read.

HarperCollins / William Morrow

Mary Jane Clark’s Website

Buy the Book – Amazon / chapters.indigo.ca / Borders / Books A Million

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